Be a better version of yourself

We have a lot of abilities but sometimes we don't know what we have because we don't try. That's why so many people become depressed. They think they are worthless they don't have a good memory and list go on. But if they would try they could do so many things. I have seen so many people they were considered one of the fool people In that society. Later the same person becomes one of the successful people in that society. How this thing happen some people may think it his luck or some people may think its god's plan. But I am not considered they are totally wrong they are partially true. But in reality, God gives a certain person more favor than others that doesn't mean without hard work you are gonna achieve it. God orders us to work hard. Actually, it is you who can change your life. When you feel hopeless. Take extreme motivation just a few minutes. Close your eyes hear something that fuels your energy. You will be automatically energized.MOtivation is now one of the best medicine for doing anything. So take it like medicine. Few days I go for exercise but I don't want to do it.So that time I remember if someone put the gun in my head and tell me you have to do 100 pushups what I would do definitely I would do it at least I would try my best. So take motivation like this. Brian Tracy says that" there is no limit what you can achieve except your own limit in your mind".Your time is as same as another person if he can gain those things why are you not? find out what's the reason behind this . Work on that be a better version and help yourself first. You definitely can help society.


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