Who is true leader

Different people define leadership in a different way. From my past experience, I observe few qualities among the leader.                  1.leader don,t hate other. They love to correct people in the best possible way.They don't hate people instead they hate the sin.          2.leader are disciplined they eat specific food.they cut all the bad habits. They sleep early and get up early.3. They speak well dress properly have a lot of tolerance they take other opinions4. They don't utter bad and cheap derogatory words.they only speak what is meaningful and beautiful.5. A leader takes people in the right direction.6. They have live and let live policy. like they think they have a religion others have religion so you can not put your opinion to others.They respect other religion.7. A leader is patient he always thinks deeply for the improvement of nation 8. They don't promote violence they promote peace they promote harmony          9. They are very humble. They are true humble in front of creator not in front of tryant.10.They forgive people and implement justice in the society


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